Halloween CandyCare Pack™ – Halloween Haul

$64.95 Each

Send your favorite Ghoul or Goblin (or yourself!) a Candy Care Package! Each Halloween Haul sized Halloween CandyCare Pack™ includes approximately 20 handfuls of traditional trick or treat candy plus items such as Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Gummy Tarantula, Halloween Tricky Treat Chocolate Mix, Specialty Candy Mixes, Candy Corn, Ring Pop, Pez, Fun Dip, Gummies, Pop Rocks, toys and a fun trick! CandyCare Packs™ ship for free!

Please note: descriptions and photos shown are representative of what is included in each pack. Items, flavors and bag styles are subject to change based on availability. CandyCare Packs™ cannot be customized for any reason. Browse our Full Halloween Section by clicking Here.
Candy Mix Ingredients can be found by clicking here.

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